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Hot Tub Filters

We have an extensive range of filters that together, fit a huge range of hot tubs. You can search our filters by precise dimensions, hot tub make, and various other options. Simply use the search box here. Alternatively please don't hesitate to call 07415 365 247 if you have any questions are your struggling to find the filter you need. We are always happy to help.

Premium Branded Hot Tub Filters

Hot tub filters are one of the most important parts of any hot tub.

We recommend you buy two filters per year and rotate them every 2 weeks. This minimises the risk of flow errors by taking the strain off the circulation pump by allowing the water to flow freely through the filter.Its way cheaper buying 2 filters once a year than replacing a pump every 1-2 years !

The paper cartridge can get clogged with dust and debris and when you rinse it may look clean but tiny particles can block up the pores of the filter. We recommend you soak the filter overnight in a filter clean solution and then rinse it until the water runs clear. You can then let it dry and put it away ready to swap in two weeks time.

Darlly have raised the benchmark with their SaniStream range that was developed for the rental market. It ensures the water is always being sanitised by the reusable chemical dispenser hidden inside the filter making sure bathers cannot come into direct contact with the chemical tablets simply brilliant.