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Circulation Pumps

typical measurements

Hottub circulation pumps come in all shapes and sizes. These pumps can often be interchanged or upgraded but please call us for assistance with this.

There are two parts to every pump.

The first is called the motor – which is the electric motor of the pump as the name suggests . You will find a label attached to the body of the motor telling the reader about the performance of the pump.The label should give Spin Speed, Amp Draw,Hp.Voltage and Hz.

The second is called the wet end – This is the plastic impeller part of the pump that is bolted to the body of the motor. This part is replacable but you will need to take some measurements so it can be identified.

The diagram shows typical measurements but you will need to check these against your pump.

Finally there is and inlet and an outlet where the pipes couple to the wet end you will need to measure these again call us for advice . Normally they are 1 1/2″ in and 1 1/2″ out most measurements for pumps are in inches.


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