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Vian 1ltr bottle of anti foam. Great for getting rid if foamy water in hottubs


Vian 1ltr bottle of anti foam Reducer will quickly get rid of hottub foam.

Just Squeeze a couple of drops into the foaming water and see the foam quickly disappear.

This foam reducer is concentrated , add only a couple of drops at a time.

Ttry to reduce the cause of the foam, by not showering with soap or shampoo before using the hottub.

Dont wash your costume in detergent each time you use it just hang it to dry.

Deoderent, make up, false tan, hair colour, after shave and perfume can cause a hottub to foam up.

Always test your water before you bathe with test strips to make sure the water is balanced and sanitized.

Comes in a big 1ltr bottle that lasts ages.

Heres a good tip pour a small amount into a small squirty bottle that can add just a little ,that way you wont put too much in.