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Life deluxe floating chlorine or bromine dispenser for 20g tablets


Easy to use bottom loading deluxe hottub floating dispenser.

Simply screw the micro adjustable flow through tube for more or less chemical introduction.

Fill with your choice of bromine or chlorine 20g tablets.

Large cappacity tube hold more tablets.

Ideal when going on holiday to keep your hottub sanitized, simply drop the temperature to 26 degrees a couple of days before you go. Fill the tube and set to the least amount of dispensing (ie nearly closed). The tablets should last up to two weeks. Do a trial before you go you will be amazed.

Comes with handy cord to prevent the float being sucked to the filter housing.

Take the float out when you get in. Put the float in when you get out.

This deluxe hottub floating dispenser is well made and should give years of service.

Always test the balance of the water before you bathe and ensure it it sanitized.

One or two tablets normally last 3-5 days just top up as required.

You may require additional sanitiser or need to adjust the window as required.

Never touch chlorine tablets or other chemicals with your bear hands.

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