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WP300 LX 3HP Dual Speed Pump

WP300 LX 3HP Dual Speed Pump

£429.00 Price includes VAT


This WP300 LX 3HP dual speed pump is found in hot tubs from big brands like Canadian spas and Hotspring Spas, to smaller brands of hot tubs.  It has been around for many years now and is very reliable in comparison to the American brands available, so it makes a great replacement and is great alternative option to replace an American pump.

Brand:  LX Pumps
Wet End Frame Size:  Unknown
Pump Horse Power:  3
Pump Speeds:  2
Motor HP:  0.45 / 3
Pump KW:  0.45 / 2.2
Pump Amps:  3 / 10
Pump RPM:  1450 / 2900
Impellor HP Size:  3
Includes Cable:  Yes
Wet End Suction Location:  Middle
Wet End Return Location:  Right
Wet End Return Union Size:  2
Wet End Suction Union Size:  2

Dimensions (mm): Length:  460 Width:  250 Height:  305