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LX LP300 single speed 3.0HP pump

LX LP300 single speed 3.0HP pump

£352.00 Price includes VAT


This LX LP300 single speed 3.0HP hot tub pump is found on many makes of hot tubs and spa, including Canadian Spas and Hotspring.

LP300 – 1 speed 3 HP Chinese pump perfect for an American replacement and half the price.  This single speed spa pump is found on many Chinese hot tubs and is used as a booster pump.

They have 2″ suction and discharge wet end plumbing connections and will fit in the place of most pumps with 2″ unions.(The actual outside diameter accross the threads are 78mm)

Brand:  LX Pumps
Wet End Frame Size:  56
Pump Horse Power:  3
Pump Speeds:  1
Motor HP:  3
Pump KW:  2.2
Amps:  10
RPM:  2900
Impellor HP Size:  3
Includes Cable:  Yes
Wet End Suction Location:  Middle
                  Return Location:  Right
                  Return Union Size:  2
                  Suction Union Size:  2

Dimensions (mm): Length:  430 Width:  225 Height:  280