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Inflatable hot tub repair kit seals water or air. This patch is ideal inside the tub or outside the tub.

Ultra-strong rubberised T.P.U.

hot tub repair kit
Ultra Tough Repair Kit

material is tear and puncture-resistant.

inflatable Hot tub Repair Kit
Very strong Puncture and tear resistant

Very very sticky stuff !!


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Highly recommended by Hottub doctors this large 100mm x 270mm ( 4″ x 11.8″) inflatable hot tub puncture repair kit is large enough to repair most punctures in inflatable hot tubs and above ground swimming pools.

Simple to use and very effective giving a quick long-lasting repair. This patch is transparent and so no unsightly patches on your pride and joy. We have researched and tested dozens of

supposedly inflatable hot tub puncture repair kits before we found what we consider to be the best patch on the market.

Unlike other patches and kits, this inflatable hot tub puncture repair kit stays stuck and can be used in temperatures from -60 c to + 50c and is made for the job.

Simply clean the affected area and cut your patch to the required size we recommend no less than 4″ x 4″, peel the backing off and apply the patch. Smooth out any air bubbles and leave for 24 hours to cure. This has to be the best inflatable hot tub puncture repair kit on the market.



1. Made of high-quality TPU and PPA material.Heavy-duty, wear-resistant, waterproof and self-adhesive.
2. The patches are ideal for mending, reinforcing and decorating many different applications.
3. Easy to apply, cut off the suitable size and stick to the broken part, press with heavyweight, leave it some minutes, it will hold tightly.
4. To repair Hot Tubs, and other types of high-value inflatable products, such as air mattresses, trampolines, inflatable sofas, swimming rings, beach balls, etc.
5. Can also be used to repair or bond a variety of materials, including PVC, nylon, canvas, artificial leather, rubber, all kinds of plastic, metal, glass and so on.
6. A great accessory for outdoor camping, hiking, trekking, etc.
Material: TPU, PPA
Colour: Transparent
Model: Waterproof Repair Patch

Package Included:
1x Puncture Repair Patch