Balboa GS100 Control System Complete (new style)

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(Box 1.1) Balboa GS100 Control System Complete (new style)


The (Box 1.1) Balboa GS100 Control System Complete (new style) works with any Mini or Duplex panel such as VL200,240,260 or VL401,402,403,404. This system is ideal for small roto mould spas with tight spaces to work in and small spa system upgrades.

Note image shown is for illustration purposes you will rece1ve your item is as described above.


Pump 1: Dual speed pump 1
Pump 2: N/A
Air Blower: N/A
Heater: x 1 2kW, Heater is a separate unit which plugs into the board. Included in the box as pictured.
Ozone: x 1 (230vac)
Light: x1, 12 volt
Radio, TV/AV: N/A

Volts: 230vac
Hz: 50


Overall length completer: 375 mm
Main Plastic Unit
Length: 190 mm
Width: 60 mm
Height: 137 mm
Length: 260 mm
Diameter: 50mm / 1.5 inches
Between Terminals: 30 mm

This is a very useful entry level system. It has a small, easy to mount, easy to set control box and a separate remote heater.

This unit allows you to program timeout functions for both speeds of the pump via 2 dip switches.

This is a generic unlicensed control box. This unit must be fitted by a competent individual or tradesman. Incorrect installation could invalidate the warranty.

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