We are proud to have the most comprehensive cover service in the UK. Not only can we supply covers for every hot tub out there, we can custom build replacement foam inserts, vinyl sleeves and insulation strips.

Spare Inserts

We are especially proud of our custom built foam replacement cutter. We have an individual insert cutting machine that cuts the foam so you get a precision fit. A unique and one-off product you wont find anywhere else.

So if the worst happens and you break the insert or rip the cover we can now replace the single item instead of having to buy a full new cover. just let us know the size you need.

Each insert is built with galvanised steel channel so it wont bow , then encapsulated in a heavy duty vapour barrier to protect it. We only use the best 2lb thermal foam which keeps the heat in the tub and dramatically reduces your energy costs.

Our vinyl cover skins are made from usa grade marine vinyl that is uv protected for long life.