Great ways to reduce your hot tub energy costs!

Great ways to reduce your hot tub energy costs!

It seems like the days are getting colder. A private hot tub sounds like the perfect escape right now. Maintaining a ‘ready to hop in’ temperature of 38 degrees Celsius in the cold Winter months can consume more energy, resulting in an electricity bill nightmare.

Your hot tub dreams might turn into an electricity bill nightmare. Don’t fret! A hot tub that runs efficiently in 2022 can cost much less than at any time before. There are a few approaches to lower your energy expenses if your electricity bill is higher. Here are seven ways for you to reduce the running costs of your hot tub, while still getting the greatest value out of it.

1 Heat Source Pumps – the ultimate saver.
2 Reduce the temperature on your hot tub.
3 Inspect your hot tub cover for defects.
4 Kit out your hot tub with modern insulation.
5 Close the hot tub air vents.
6 Your hot tubs filters should be cleaned.
7 It’s time to upgrade your hot tub.

1 Heat Source Pumps – the ultimate saver.

It’s possible to save upto 75% on hot tub operating costs by working with Hot Tub doctors. This technology is the fastest and most economical way to reduce hot tub operating costs in comparison with the recent increase in energy prices. Heat source pumps are the most efficient hot tub efficiency solutions.

View our eco-upgrade page for more information. Fill out our brief form and we’ll send you an estimate of how much you can save on operating costs for your specific hot tub.

2 Reduce the temperature on your hot tub.

Lowering the temperature on your hot tub is one way to save money on your hot tub operating costs.

Most people like to keep their hot tubs at between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius. It’s also easy to use when you want to. However, heating a hot tub to this temperature, particularly in cold weather, might cost more money and consume more energy.

The most economical way to operate your hot tub is to reduce the temperature a few degrees. Every degree down will save dramatically on your hot tub’s energy bill. You might want to turn it down if you like it a little cooler. However, if you’re not planning on using it for a while, this might not be your best option. If you cherish your hot tub a lot, you may want to reconsider.

2 Inspect your Hot Tub Cover for signs of wear and tear.

Is your hot tub cover bulky and waterlogged, or does it lack insulation? If either of these is true, your hot tub cover may not be as efficient as it could be, and it may be costing you money.

The majority of hot tub heat is lost through its surface. A well-insulated cover that is in good condition is required to decrease this loss. If your hot tub cover is old, you may find it less costly in the long run to get a new one. A cover lift will also make it simpler to lift and maintain in excellent condition for a longer time.

3 Kit out your hot tub with modern insulation.

An inadequate amount of modern insulation between the hot tub cabinet and the cabinet may cause heat to escape. We recommend that you get one of the more modern insulation materials. The new types of foil insulation in the cabinet can work wonders for your day-to-day running costs.

You can also keep heat in by installing an insulating board on the interior of the cabinet. This can help you save money on hot tub running expenses.

4 Close the hot tub air diverters and vents.

Shutting down your hot tub’s air jets and air divers is the best way to improve the performance of your hot tub’s heater and pump.

Cold air can reduce the hot tub water temperature when air is introduced. However, the hot tub can still provide a unique massage experience thanks to the air.

It is our recommendation that you turn off the air switches while not using the hot tub to reduce hot tub running costs.

5 Your hot tub filters should be regularly cleaned.

Keeping your hot tub clean will make your hot tubbing experience more enjoyable as well as help you save money. Double advantage. If your filter is dirty and clogged, the filtration will not work as well and will have to work harder to remain clean. Working harder means working longer in this case.

This will increase your hot tub bill. Make sure you clean your filter on a regular basis using an instant or overnight filter cleaner. To avoid any downtime on your hot tub, you should always have an extra filter. You may clean them and never have downtime.

7 It’s time to upgrade your hot tub.

It’s tough to save your hot tub if it has been in operation for more than a decade, as newer, more economical models might be less expensive to run or even upgrade. This is a rare situation, but it does occur. If you are losing a lot of money on your energy bills, you may wish to consider upgrading to a newer model.

Of course, this is always the very last resort and our eco upgrade options are viable for most hot tubs out there.

If you would like any more information click the link above or simply call us for a chat on 07415 365 247

Thanks for reading and we hope you find our content helpful in bringing your hot tub running costs down.

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