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Inverter Comfortline Heat Pump

ASHP can be delivered by mail order of fully installed with full plumbing for an extra £1425 plus VAT. Simply choose the installation option below.

£1,799.00£3,509.00 Price includes VAT

What is the Inverter Comfortline?

Inverter Comfortline is powered by DC inverter compressor, it can adjust heating capacity from 20% to 100% intelligently according to different heating demands.

When season starts and heating demand is high, the Inverter Comfortline runs at 100% compressor & fan speed for fast heating. When maintaining the pool temperature, the Inverter Comfortline runs at low speed for energy saving with higher COP (Coefficient of Performance)

Please note we can not give advise over the phone on how to plumb these into Above ground pools.

Heat Pump Features

  • Steel Body.
  • GMMC AC Inverter Compressor.
  • Simple to use control panel gives an easy, informative user interface.
  • Silence mode for night time running, even quieter.
  • Auto Defrost, allowing the unit to be run down to 0 degrees.
  • With 30% greater surface area on the Titanium Spiral heat exchanger & HP Booster Technology the Aqua-Inverter Mini is at least 20% more efficient than a standard heat pump.
  • Comes with 1.5″ female plain socket
  • Salt Water Safe –  up to 3.5% : 35g in 1000g water
  • Fully variable compressor and a stepped variable fan.
  • Please note we do not advsie using these heat pumps over 7kw on pools with 1 inlet and 1 outlet, due to not enough water being supplied to heat pump if you do have 1 inlet and 1 outlet please check the flow rate first.
  • Please check flow rates before purchaseing.

Inverter Comfortline Heat Pump

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