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Dramatically reduce your hot tub energy consumption and costs!

Our complete upgrade offers an estimated average reduction of 75% off your hot tub heating costs.

Our eco performance upgrade is the most advanced available. Our smallest unit gives you up to 4.5 KW of energy for the price of 1KW

View online or download and print our A4 PDF outlining our energy saving specifications and outstanding claims. Note prices correct july 2022 please call for up to date pricing.

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The most energy efficient way to run a Hot Tub!

Our energy efficient upgrade results are unparelled in the hot tub industry. Our Own real world tests achieved daily running costs of just £1.21 to maintain 38 degrees. In our tests we used a 32 amp wellis 8 foot tub in an outdoor setting thats just £8.45 ! a week calculated at current rates of 34p per kwh. Using a 5kw midi Onda tests conducted july 2022.

Details and Specs

The Elements of Hot Tub Economy!

Uninsulated, or badly insulated, hot tubs can waste over £500 per year in energy costs. Our UK mainland service offers the best insulation upgrade available. Normally a hot tub heat pump requires 24/7 circulation and 24/7 power consumption. It’s one of the most power-intensive areas of running a hot tub. We we can reduce running costs more than any other, like-for-like hot tub upgrade service available.


Supafoil is a hot tub insulation material than can be retro-fitted to the interior of your hot tub. Measured and cut to fit by our technicians in an all-in-one hot tub insulation and economy tweak. Supafoil alone is one of the very best ways you can improve your hot tub insulation. Combined with our technician’s expertise you can rest assured supafoil will do its job for many years to come.


Our SpaGuard command module can communicate seamlessly with the hot tub heater, the heat source pump and the circulation pump on virtually any hot tub. This allows the use of our economical heat pump only, the electric heater, or both. The SpaGuard Control Module esnures the hot tub pumps are switched on, only when needed. Normally, heat source pumps require 24/7 circulation, which means SpaGuard saves you even more.

SpaGuard is only available from Hot Tub Doctors and is not available from any other manufafturer. SpaGuard can be retro-fitted to almost any hot tub or swim spa, old or new. Yes, even brand-new hot tubs and swim spas, with the very latest insulation, can benefit from our upgrade. It’s that efficient.

Heat Source Pumps

We have a range of heat source pumps that suit a wide range of applications, that will work form -15 to 43 degrees, ensuring the perfect solution for each situation every time. 

Heat Source Pumps Video and Gallery

If you would like to see more information regarding the outstanding heat pumps, including more information related to the amazing energy saving capabilities please click the PDF button below for the full brochure. 

Why Choose The Hot Tub Doctors?

We are the recognised warranty specialist for many of the major hot tub manufactures and we operate 365 days of the year. Our parts shop and helpline are also available 24/7. 

Here at the Hot Tub Doctors we have your every hot tub need taken care of. We specialize in hot tub sales, service and repair. Our team are amongst the most experienced hot tub technicians in the UK. Added to that we have the UK’s best custom hot tub cover service, hot tub warehouse showroom and a parts department unrivaled anywhere for both quality and price. All our prices include VAT with the best warranty in the industry.

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